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Dynamic Warm Up, Work Out
Moves for an Intense Barre Burn, barre fitness, low impact, cardio
Dumbbell exercises, lower body, core workout
Full Body, Tabata, HIIT, interval training, workout
TRX Workout w/ Optional Bosu, core, fitness, strength, glutes, abs, booty

Set to House beats, classic old school jams, and riddims from all over the Caribbean, SHAPESHIFT is a fusion of dance, yoga, and Pilates. This is a full body, low impact class, and with regular attendance you'll notice your muscles tone and lengthen as we target muscle groups you didn't realize were there! We'll always end in Savasana for a guided meditation loaded with affirmations that will remind you of how extraordinary you truly are! You’ll leave this class feeling strong, inspired, empowered, and pretty darn sweaty! This class is good for all fitness levels. If you have a specific injury or disability, question or concern, please let me know. I don't bite and I'll be happy to accommodate!



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