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Finding Your Fitness Fit

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Everything isn’t for everybody.

The constant evolution of the fitness world leads to the surfacing of more and more fitness formats and if you’re anything like me, you’ve tried them all. From indoor cycling, to Crossfit, and even aqua aerobics, there are so many modalities to choose from. What’s most important is that you strive to be active, and the best way to do that is to find something you enjoy.

A well-balanced fitness routine includes cardiovascular (aerobic) training, resistance training, and flexibility. Depending on your goals, you may focus on one category more than the others. Say you’d like to improve core strength and mobility, then Yoga, Pilates, or Pole would definitely be something to look into. If weight loss is the goal, you would find a class or trainer to will help you focus on cardio and strength. Improving cardiorespiratory endurance, means perhaps going for a swim, dropping it like it’s hot in dance cardio, or training for a marathon. One modality isn’t necessarily better than the next and it’s not a bad idea to cross train, or incorporate multiple modalities into your overall fitness routine to avoid over-training, plateau and boredom. Try to be open-minded and adventurous because it could lead you to some pretty exciting activities. Below is a breakdown of formats you could try to fulfill each exercise category.

Cardiovascular Training:

There are so many gyms and boutique studios that specialize in cardio training. There’s indoor cycling, treadmill-based high intensity training, skating, dancing, bike riding, jumping rope, and skiing. Rowing is one of the best full body exercises out there and if you’re not interested in getting out on the water, you could try indoor rowing at studios or gyms that have ergometers, or indoor rowers, to simulate watercraft rowing. Places like this include Orange Theory Fitness, with locations across the country and CITYROW in New York.