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Moms Have a Fit Life Too!

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You’re constantly putting the needs of others before your own, tying up loose ends, and holding it all together. You have a full-time job, a spouse, a class schedule, hobbies and a pet. You’re a mom! You have the most important job in the world and it comes with a great deal of responsibility, so how do you squeeze in a workout or ensure proper nutrition?

If you look at social media, #fitmom, you’ll find tons of women who are committed to living fully in all aspects of life, including health and fitness. They’ve found ways to incorporate physical activity and healthy practices into their daily routine. This, of course, came with trial, error and a lot of practice. Each stage of motherhood has different demands and requirements, so it’s important to make time to care for yourself in order to care for your loved ones.

“Being a mom, working and going to school created a very hectic life. Balancing these three components wasn’t easy but I had to ‘make it happen!” Kirsa Murray, mom of two 3-year-old twin girls, is a perfect example of the trial and error process. Kirsa was determined to make a change for the better, realizing she had many reasons, including her daughters, to embrace a fit, healthy lifestyle. Like all moms, she faces many challenges in the quest to be fit, but she never lets it deter her.

Waking up early, eating breakfast, meal planning, writing out a schedule, and taking “me time” all become important factors when striving toward this change. As far as the actual exercise is concerned, it’s important to do your research. Ki