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5 Affirmations to Get You to Your Goals

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You’re a few days into your new workout routine. You’re exhausted, you’re hungry, and you stink. You’re beginning to question whether you really need to make this lifestyle change. –You’re not alone.

Many people go through this stage at the beginning. It’s a rite of passage. Creating new habits is always challenging, especially when it comes to fitness and health. You literally have to make adjustments in every area of your life and it sometimes leads to discouragement. The truth is, your journey will only get more difficult if the thoughts surrounding it are negative.

In order to overcome your discouragement, you have to have drive, you must be consistent, and you must be willing to get over the hump. But how do you get to this point? You have to talk yourself through it. Affirmations are positive statements used to overcome self-sabotage and are a vehicle for self-empowerment. By reciting the following affirmations when you’re on the verge of giving up, you can uplift yourself and succeed. It’s a game changer.

1. My goals are valid and attainable

Whatever your goals may be, they are yours. Goals should be specific and attainable, so write them down and be unmoved no matter the challenges. You may feel like progress is slow or unsure of how to achieve your goals, but know that you can be successful and there’s nothing wrong with recruiting help. If you’re stuck or lost, find an expert for guidance. This will get you one step closer to making your goals your reality.

2. I deserve to live my best, healthiest life.

Yes, you do! Stop letting your past dictate your future. Right now you desire to be healthier and to be fit, so your prior lifestyle shouldn’t hinder you. Instead, use your past to motivate you to be better. The comfort foods you were once used to are easy to miss, but you deserve the type of fuel that tastes good and will benefit you in the long run.

3. I’m stronger than I know and this journey is going to show me just how strong I am.

You look around the gym and all you see are buff beasts going hard. If you were to walk up to any of these athletes, they would tell you it wasn’t easy at first. They would tell you that there were times when they doubted themselves. They would also tell you that they had to push themselves and fight for what they wanted. They are where they are now because no matter how tough things got or how weak they felt, they found their strength.

4. I celebrate all of my wins, big or small.

You started something that was never meant to be easy. That already makes you a winner. Now keep pushing yourself to collect those wins. There are going to people surrounding you at the gym, on the track, or at the park, who are going to be in amazing shape. Don’t compare. You have no idea what it took to get them to that point, so focus on your journey and allow your shortcomings to help write your testimony.

5. I am capable of anything I set my mind to.

The possibilities are endless. You can have it all and the only thing that could ever hold you back is you!

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