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Staying Active While Vacationing

Travel season has officially started for a great number of us. Spring break, summer vacation, business travel, self-discovery, whatever the reason, we’re heading out and leaving the comforts, and stresses, of our day-to-day lives to visit new places. Getaways are a form of self-care, but why not maximize your time away?

No matter where you decide to go or how you decide to travel, there’s a travel-friendly workout that you can do to remain consistent.

I get it. It’s not that easy to get active when you’ve been dreaming of sunbathing with a piña colada in hand all winter. The lack of equipment, food prep, and good night’s sleep can also be pretty discouraging; but you haven’t been putting in all that work in the gym just to throw it away on an all-inclusive food and liquor package…unless that was the plan all along. It may seem like the universe is working against your “snatched” aspirations, but you actually have plenty of options.

Airport Workouts

We do our best to avoid layovers and if we’re lucky, our connecting flights are back-to-back. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. If you’re one of those travelers blessed with a 12-hour layover, it’s not a bad idea to spend some of that time lifting your luggage or wall sitting. I’ve listed some moves that can easily be done in an airport setting. Massy Arias also has some great ideas so be sure to check out her page!

  • Luggage Squats: Whether you’re standing in a long TSA line or waiting patiently at your gate, you can perform weighted squats with your luggage. Hug that duffl