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Agua de Sandia

It's summertime and I'm determined to keep myself hydrated! I've done my best to keep my water bottles near by and I've even gone as far as purposefully eating foods that are known for having high water contents. Some examples of this would be cucumber, bell pepper, romaine lettuce, and watermelon.

You couldn't pay me to eat watermelon as a child. Now my tastes have shifted and I'm all about it. When grocery shopping I tend to purchase small watermelons because I only shop for myself and I only buy enough food to last a week or two. I hate wasting food.

Anywho! I had a watermelon on hand this week and in an effort to use all of my groceries I kicked myself out of lazy mode and went for it. I'm known to sit on Youtube all day watching How-To videos and a couple years back I saw one that showed a Quick, Easy, and Mess-Free Way to Cut Watermelon, so I've been using this method ever since.

I knew that I wanted to do something cute and creative with the watermelon that would be left over and stuck to the rind so I decided not to cut through the outside of the watermelon in order to keep the rind in tact. Once I got the majority of the watermelon slices loose, I separated them into a mixing bowl and utilized the rind as a mixing bowl as well.

I grabbed my molinillo and began to muddle and whip the remaining watermelon. I then added filtered water, honey, and squeezed a slice of lemon into the mixture. I continued to whisk and beat at the mixture until the watermelon pieces were small enough to pick up through a straw. The results were BOMB and this, my friends, is what you call Agua de Sandia, or Watermelon Agua Fresca!

This molinillo was given to me as a souvenir from my friend's mother, who took a trip to Belize.

This beverage is meant to be alcohol free, but like anything in the world there's a way to make it RATED M for Mature Audiences. Rum and vodka would both make great additions to this DRANK. Try adding muddled mint leaves!

Homemade Agua de Sandia

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