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Playa del Petty

Back in April my beloved cousin, Bryana, her homies, and myself embarked on an adventure to the beautiful land of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. She had been planning this trip for months (creating the hashtag #playadelpetty just for the occassion) and wanted to bring as many of her loved ones together as possible. I immediately agreed to go, although I wasn't quite sure where the money was coming from. Nothing was going to stop me from finally seeing Mexico, I was determined for several reasons.

1. I live in Los Angeles, without any family, and very few friends. This was an opportunity for me to reunite with some familiar faces and to kick back and not have to worry about the lonely air in L.A.

2. I had been feeling pretty stressed out and overworked. This was gonna be a mini vacay that I really needed.

3. I wanted my passport stamped. I've traveled internationally in the past, but I never felt like it really counted because, for some reason, my passport didn't get stamped during my cruise to Grand Turk.

4. I'm re-learning Spanish. Is there a better way of practicing than submerging yourself into the Mexican culture and interacting with the people? I think not.

Anywho, I booked my travel without cross-checking my itinerary with the rest of the group. I was the only person flying in from Los Angeles and I thought it would've been too much to try. I ended up flying to Mexico City for my layover and getting to Cancun at least five hours before anyone else had landed. This was a total of 12 hours kicking it alone