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Estate Sale Haul

I've attended Estate Sales in the past, but none of them were quite like the one that I attended this past weekend. My Godfather's grandmother passed away, and being the most fashionable granny that she was, left a lot of vintage clothing and accessories behind.

My Godfather and his mom spent an entire year going through all of her belongings and were finally able to host the Estate Sale. I was blown away by all of the shoes, hats, coats, and sweaters that she owned. The floors were literally covered in shoe boxes and the walls were literally covered in hats. The crazy thing is, there is still a lot of clothing and accessories that didn't make it out to the floor that day so there will be a few Sale dates added to the calendar. I believe she held on to almost everything she owned throughout her life.

I naturally started in the hat room, but quickly became overwhelmed so I then made my way to the coat & sweater room. I decided that I would return to the hat room once I gathered myself. The very first thing that I found was a vintage bulls sweatshirt, followed by a basket. I don't even think the basket was for sale, but I wanted it because I immediately had a vision of me stunting on everyone during the summertime with my basket-purse. These finds gave me life and with this new-found energy, I gathered my new belongings and headed to the hat room.

I spent a good hour in the hat room deciding which hats were leaving with me that day. I am on the tightest budget I've ever experienced (even tighter than when I lived in, so I had to really decide which hats were must haves. I can't even lie, EVERY hat looked FIRE on me. Apparently I have a "hat head" so it wasn't easy to choose, but I finally shaved down the options to my top five, all of which I took home that day.

I also found lots of belts, which was perfect because I was experiencing a shortage of belts at the time.

Okay, I know you're just dying to see what all of these items look like so go ahead and watch my video below!

Comment and let me know which piece is your favorite!

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