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Upcycle Your Shoes!

If you haven't guessed yet, I am a DIY Junkie! I love the feeling of creating, making something out of nothing and being able to say "I did that!"

This past week I took a trip to my local Dollar Tree. The trip was not about me at all, in fact my mother sent me there to pick up some things for her Office Holiday Party. I got everything that she needed but I'm the type of person that likes to walk through all the aisles when I'm shopping and this was no different.

As I walked the crafts aisle I quickly became disappointed because I saw nothing that inspired me. I kept moving though and upon walking the home decor aisle, I found marble accents gems. I first considered the traditional marble shape until I found what was labeled as "Sea Glass". I loved the look of them because their jagged look reminded me of healing crystals and I knew they'd look great on a heel. I remembered that my aunt had given me a pair of cobalt colored heels from JustFab. They were the right color and could work with the accent stones.

In order to create the look, I would need the following.