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Vertical Activewear: Function & Fashion For Any Workout

As seen on BlackDoctor.Org

Having fitness clothes you enjoy and can be proud to wear is a major key to being motivated to hit the gym. Finding apparel that feels good, fits good, and looks good isn’t always easy, especially when you’re working on a budget. When I heard there was a fitness apparel line that provided looks that were sharp and functional, I was ecstatic, especially because it is a black-female owned fitness apparel company.

Vertical Activewear is a fitness brand for any, and everyone, participating in alternative workouts (pole, yoga, barre, etc), and traditional fitness settings. The line consists of styles that are daring, cute, and functional. From t-shirts to sports bras to bodysuits, you will surely find your fitness needs all in one stop at the Vertical Activewear website.

I was lucky enough to give Vertical Activewear a try. As a fitness instructor, it’s important for me to look nice (and exclusive) before my clients, so I was super excited to sport some of the styles that Vertical Activewear has to offer.

I received the I Got Your Back! Bodysuit, which is a knee-length unitard with a captivating elastic detail at the back, and the Hail Yea! Bra, which has contrasting detail for straps that marry to create a t-strap back. I was immediately impressed by both items because of the quality of the fabric and stitching. The bodysuit’s fabric is thick, sturdy, and fits like a glove, three very important factors to me. The bra is so soft to touch and super comfortable to wear, no worries about the straps digging into my shoulders or the yoke squeezing around my rib cage too tight.

I wore both pieces several times to see how they would function in different fitness formats and after washing. I wore the bodysuit to both spin, HIIT, dance and barre class and I also wore the bra top to spin, barre, and dance class. I was very impressed with how everything fit and felt, even after the items had been washed.

Another way that I tend to judge fitness apparel is by the number of times I may have to adjust my clothes during my workout (this includes pulling up my leggings to prevent a sagging crotch or tugging at my bra to prevent an uninvited flash). I didn’t have to do much adjusting to either piece and that was a good sign for me. Vertical Activewear definitely has my vote when it comes to quality fitness apparel the doesn’t break the bank. Their sizes range from XS to XXL and they truly have something for everyone, no matter your fitness passion.

To find out more on Vertical Activewear and to see the styles the company has to offer, visit their site or on Instagram.

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