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DIY Beauty Hacks to Try Today!

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There are some really amazing beauty products on the market right now. These new products are innovative, made with quality ingredients, and come in beautiful packaging. They also tend to be pretty expensive and me, being the frugal person that I am, refuse to pay full price.

I love a good body glow but hate the thought of dropping $60 just to sparkle and shine. If I’m lucky, I’ll find those must-have products on sale, or maybe even a good quality drugstore dupe, but chances of that are slim to none. So what else can I do?

Make myself a DIY, perhaps food-grade version, of whatever it is I'm looking for! Chances are, the ingredients needed are already in the house!

Body Lava

I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline when I saw that a young lady went viral for creating a DIY Body Oil inspired by Rihanna’s Fenty Body Lava. I loved that it was so innovative, but the way my skin is set up... I knew I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the body oil during the summer months because I have very sensitive skin and burn easily.

I personally don’t want to drop $60 to sparkle in the sun either, so I thought long and hard about how I could do something similar for my specific needs. I grabbed a bottle of Aloe Vera Gel which I purchased from a drugstore and a container of broken bronzer. I broke up the bronzer even more and poured it into the aloe vera gel. I then shook the bottle and I had my very own body lava for sensitive skin. It’s hydrating, cooling, and unlike any other method, doesn’t transfer once it’s dry. The same method can be done with baby oil or shea butter as the base, just keep in mind the bronzer is likely to transfer after application.