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YSL All Hours Stick Foundation *Review*

I've been pretty lucky when it comes to Influenster and the Vox Boxes they've been sending me. I've tried a bunch of amazing luxury products that I would have otherwise steered clear of including the new YSL All Hours Stick Foundation.

When it comes to spending my money on foundation, I typically like to stick with what I know because it's super hard to find a good one that works with my skin and all its woes. I've tried a number of products from Urban Decay to Tarte to Marc Jacobs to Fenty. I have my favorites and I could recite the pros and cons of each at the snap of a finger. While my list of foundations-tried is pretty vast, it didn't include any stick foundations. Well, it's about time for me to at least give it a try, and why not start with a high-quality designer brand like YSL?

YSL claims the All Hours Foundation Stick has a 24 hour wear and velvety matte finish. I've heard both of these claims before from other brands so I'm always skeptical. While the foundation definitely delivers on the velvety matte finish, I'm not so sure about the 24-hour wear.

I have some of the oiliest skin I've ever seen, so my skin would be the ultimate test for a long-wear foundati