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Express Yourself: Hand Embroidered Jeans

When I started sewing and customizing my clothing, I had no idea that I would become OBSESSED with owning a bunch of one-of-one pieces in my wardrobe.

I had no idea, but recently I've started asking myself while dressing, "what are the chances that someone else will be wearing this?" If there is even an inkling of a chance, I throw it in the "Customize ASAP" pile and search for something else to wear.

Recently I picked up a new craft and wanted to try it out on a pair of mom jeans I found at an Oak Park, IL Goodwill. I absolutely loved the fit and the quality of the jeans and they were awesome without any embellishment, however, I want everything I own to be truly unique, whether it's in the small details or super loud and crazy.

Since this is a pair of pants that I purchased, I would have to figure out how to customize (without distressing because I had recently distressed a cool pair of bootcut denim). Here was my chance to try this hand embroidery out and I was so excited to get started!

Customizing your clothing is a great way to express yourself and with embroidery, there are not limits! Embroidery allows you to add personality, but it also adds texture to any item. I've seen some amazing designs, from words, to faces, to flowers!

I already had embroidery floss on hand because I did a mini-haul from Michael's, where I bought a bunch of bright "summer" colors. I knew I wanted to use my favorite Beyonce line, and I knew I wanted to contrast the grit of the line and the song with the cheer and brightness of the floss colors.

I chose a bright green and pink and got to work.

For this I looked up a few fonts on Canva. I chose I basic font and free-handed the lettering based on that. I then placed the jeans on the embroidery hoop, split my floss in half and started stitching!

After the first strand of floss I realized that I could actually split the floss into thirds. This would make the sewing a bit smoother while also allowing me to use less.

I am extremely proud of this project and enjoyed doing the work. It took me a total of 4 hours to get it done, but I'm sure I'll be able to chop this time down with a bit more practice.

I'm thinking about taking orders soon, what do you think?

Materials used (all purchased at Michael's):

DMC Embroidery Needle Size 5 $2.69 (pack of 12)

I also used a regular ink pen to free-hand the font (pressing lightly against the denim) and small scissors for cutting the floss.

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