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A Whole Lotta Grace: Celebrate Yourself Daily!

Those who follow me on Social Media know that I am kinda obsessed with Mondays. Monday is actually my favorite day of the week and I try my best to get others to see how amazing it can actually be!

Today, this beautiful Monday, I want to remind you all to celebrate yourself daily. Start today! Yes, we're half-way through the day, but don't worry, you still have time to incorporate this into your daily routine. Micro-celebrations count too!

This message actually came to me yesterday as I cleaned out my phone of old videos and photos of my Me-Made projects. As I was about to upload them all to my external hard drive, I made the decision to share them with my following.

After uploading about 16-17 creations to my Insta-Story, I remembered that I still had more projects I hadn't even documented. It was gentle reminder to myself that I am, in fact, a beast and I produce great work; which is important because I'm always beating myself up about how little I produce or how my pieces are trash.

Now I try my best to be intentional about everything I post on my social media, primarily because I want everything to be inspirational for others. I wasn't too sure about sharing because I didn't want to come off as boastful. I decided that people are gonna think what they want so I shrugged it off and proceeded with the posting.