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Not Your Average Vision Board Workshop

I've known Julia Myers for years. In fact, she's one of the reasons I had an artistic outlet (Urban Burlesque Dance Company) and part-time teaching job coming out of college. She's also the first person who introduced me to the Law of Attraction.

One day we were discussing how difficult it was to find parking downtown (our rehearsal space was located in Chicago's South Loop). Julia casually stated that she never had issues finding parking spots and in fact ALWAYS got a good one close to the studio. Naturally I stated that she was just lucky, but she in turn told me that she is not lucky, she's intentional. Before Julia would leave her home, she would claim her parking spot, she would envision the other cars that would be near that spot and she would find exactly what she was looking for. This has stuck with me ever since and I've learned to apply it to everything.

Now Julia wasn't always this way. She's human and just like the rest of us, she's struggled with finding clarity and she's struggled with love and she's struggled financially. This lady from East Saint Louis moved to Chicago with $300 in her pocket and she's now one of the coldest women I know. Not only does she lead these Vision Board Workshops, but she's a Self-Employed Real Estate Broker and she's amazing at all that she does. She has an amazing and supportive husband and they are such a dynamic duo! Inspiring!


This Vision Board Workshop was exactly what I needed to get back on track. It was a gentle reminder to be intentional, to set goals, and to be confident in those goals. No goal is too big or too small and no goal is set in stone. As humans we are ever evolving and our goals are allowed to evolve with us.

She talked about how we are visual beings and how images effect our thinking. If we have something to reference, like a vision board, it won't be difficult to be intentional each day because we can visualize exactly what we want out of life and therefore act accordingly.

I've tried to make vision boards in the past but I've never "completed" one. I would get started, take a break, and then never get back to it. I guess I was just never as passionate and as motivated as I am now, thanks to the Mastering Your Vision Board Workshop. Again, life is funny and the synchronicity that I experienced this day and each day following has been almost jarring. The images I came across jumped off the page at me and I would even start to see those same images online and in different apps. The text clippings meant something to me, even finding my company's name, SHAPESHIFTERS, in one of the magazine clippings. It was all so fitting for me.

The Mastering Your Vision Board Workshop was truly like no other Vision Board event that I've ever attended. It was jam-packed with applicable life lessons and it has initiated this positive change in myself and even others I know who attended. Not only did Julia provide the materials to create our boards, but she provided a workbook that I will continue to reference weekly so that I can check myself when I'm getting down and discourage, when I'm feeling lost, or when I just need a bit of clarity and organization.

The Mastering Your Vision Board Workshop by Julia Myers is one that I believe everyone should attend. She currently offers the workshop as an online course which can be found HERE. It is totally worth the money and you will find yourself inspired to create the change you wish to see in your life.

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